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The Celtic Shop
Offering a wide variety of quality goods from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Cornwall.
Owned by Charlie Weir, Regional Commissioner USA Central NE, and Rose McCarty

ClanTime features Scottish Jewellery specialising in Ladies & Gents Saltire Dress Rings

Macnaughton Holdings
Offering tartans, home furnishings, and over 200 years of textile tradition in Scotland, including the heavyweight hunting Macnaughton Tartan.


Scottish Tartans Authority
A registered Scottish Charity with the major objective of promoting a deeper knowledge of Scottish Tartans, their origins, manufacture, use, history and development and we study, record and stimulate research on the subject.

Dunder CastleThe MacNaughton/McNaughton ancestral home: Dunderave Castle, near Inveraray, Scotland on the shores of Loch Fyne.
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